Who is lorenzo martone dating

18 Jun

It's possible that it was a theme party: a wedding theme party. Today Guest Of A Guest reports that Marc Jacobs tied the knot with boyfriend Lorenzo Martone in St.

***** It seems that Marc Jacobs just can't stop marrying Lorenzo Martone.

Though Jacobs and Martone are still close—”We are best friends,” Jacobs told .

“We speak to each other, I don’t know, six times a day—Jacobs seems to have found new love. According to GPSBrasilia, with porn star Harry Louis (above)—who, like Martone, is Brazilian.

Although it’s unclear whether that night’s encounter between Bass and Martone produced any sparks, the latter’s libido would get him in trouble just a few hours later at a party at Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson’s home.

There, Martone became the catalyst for a cringe­worthy scene when a woman at the - gathering caught the brazen Brazilian making out with her boyfriend.

Marc Jacobs ex, and fashion entrepreneur Lorenzo Martone modelled some itsy bitsy swimwear (and then some) for Oh La La Mag. Marc Jacobs does some decent clobber, but somehow his ex’s always end up taking their clothes off.

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Marc Jacobs can't contain his laughter while walking along the beach with friends on Monday (December 28) in St. The 52-year-old designer was joined by friend and former partner Lorenzo Martone.