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09 Sep

See the "PAL scripting: Hello world example" above.

It is certainly worth the sweat and tears after you have overcome the initial learning curve. In SAM Broadcaster go to the menu option and activate the PAL script window. Note: Before we continue here you must already know how to create a blank PAL script.

For example using the NEXT15 mask at pm will return pm Time Mask property example Writes the result of certain time masks to the output window. Very important note: Due to implementation problems, you can not do PAL. In programming one often find the need to repeat certain commands a number of times until a certain condition is met. Although technically not part of the PAL base language, it is crucial we cover the subject of waiting in this section since it is such a core part of most PAL scripts.

function Now: Date Time;function Date: Date Time;function Time: Date Time;function Date Time To Str(dt: Date Time):string;function Str To Date Time(str : String): Date Time;function Date To Str(Date: Date Time): String;function Str To Date(Str : String): Date Time;function Time To Str(Time : Date Time): String;function Str To Time(Str : String): Date Time;function Day Of Week(dt : Date Time): Integer;function Format Date Time(Format : String; dt : Date Time): String;function Is Leap Year(Year : Integer): Boolean;function Inc Month(dt : Date Time; nm : Integer): Date Time;procedure Decode Date(dt : Date Time; var yy,mm,dd : Integer);function Encode Date(yy, mm, dd : Integer): Date Time;procedure Decode Time(dt : Date Time; var hh, mm, ss, ms : Integer);function Encode Time(hh, mm, ss, ms : Integer): Date Time; Logical expressions can be used in IF or CASE statements (see directly below), or REPEAT.. PAL scripts contain a few basic ways to achieve this. A PAL script executes one command or one block of commands every second.

If the time was pm, then using NEXT30 would return pm.

NEXTQUARTER NEXT15 Both will return the next quarter after the current time. THEN logic block is used to specify what sections of code need to be executed depending on a logic expression.