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26 Aug

The Cherokee were in pursuit, and Vinet's body was hidden in a hole in a frozen creek for later retrieval. To provide defense against these sporadic attacks, the early settlers erected a series of forts in the area.

With Sevier's victory at the Battle of Boyds Creek and the ensuing Treaty of Dumplin in 1785, Cherokee influence in the area began to wane. By 1800, Cherokee attacks in the Newport area had been drastically reduced.

"New Port", situated on the French Broad near Forks-of-the-River, quickly developed into a flatboat trading hub.

William Garrett (1774–1853) arrived in New Port in the late 1790s and built a plantation, known as Beechwood Hall, just south of Fine's Ferry.

In the early 19th century, William Faubion, who lived just northeast of New Port, managed to reach New Orleans with a flatboat shipment and return safely.

In early 19th-century East Tennessee, which was riddled with poor roads and hilly terrain, river travel was a relatively convenient mode of transportation.