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04 Apr

With letters of introduction to Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, George Flower, Heidi’s great, great, great grandfather, immigrated to the U. His father Richard followed and they were both actively involved in trying to establish a just community model for the common people.On her paternal grandfather’s side, the Knotts were also an English family of Huguenot descent.The American community was surrounded by a barbed wire fence and we had to sign in and out every time we left the ‘compound’.In the early days we lived in a portable house but the money was very good and my father had three months paid vacation off every two years along with two weeks off every other year.“During World War 2, my father worked in England in the Quarter Master department for the American services, supplying the American forces.He met my mother there and they were married in 1947, returning to the States where he worked as an accountant/auditor for the State of California.So the Arab-Israeli conflict is one she has always been close to.

Following my American-based schooling in Arabia I found that I was ahead in some subjects but way behind in others.

The family emigrated (voluntarily) to Australia in the later part of the 19th century.

Her grandfather came to the US, attended Harvard University and later became a Protestant minister and professor of Greek and Latin.

The Duthoit’s were originally French Huguenots (the du Toits) who settled in England in the 1600’s.

At one point a great, great grandfather was a stockbroker – as was Henry until his retirement.