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Additionally, the new office stories don’t work (because of the single-dimensionality of the new players), Jonathan and Audrey are unnecessary talking heads (and barely factor in the stories), and Phyllis has all but lost her comedic edge (the most egregious sin this series ever committed).What was once purposely flighty about the character is now uncomfortably so, for her personality fluctuates week to week — and even scene to scene.Phyllis attempts to intervene, but it isn’t until Bess manages to propose a logical and compelling argument that Mother Dexter changes her mind.The funniest stuff occurs at the end when Mother Dexter admits that Arthur is not her first. 06) Episode 36: “Mother Dexter’s Wedding” (Aired: 12/13/76) Phyllis forgets to pick up Mother Dexter for her wedding.But then, three weeks before the end of the season, the series is given a jolt when Bess elopes.

However, as she aged, her even vocal delivery (and refreshing underplaying) sometimes works against the comedy.For new fans, this list will give you a place to start. Here are my picks for the ten best episodes of Season Two.(They are in AIRING ORDER.) 01) Episode 25: “The New Job” (Aired: 09/20/76) Phyllis seeks new employment. Weinberger & Stan Daniels | Directed by Jay Sandrich The first thing viewers will notice about the second season is Leachman’s new short hairdo, which is remarked upon by Phyllis herself in the hysterical opening scene in which she competes with another sad sack for an uninterested bartender’s sympathy.stars CLORIS LEACHMAN as Phyllis Lindstrom, HENRY JONES as Judge Jonathan Dexter, JANE ROSE as Audrey Dexter, LISA GERRITSEN as Bess Lindstrom, CARMINE CARIDI as Dan Valenti, JOHN LAWLOR as Leonard Marsh, GARN STEPHENS as Harriet Hastings and JUDITH LOWRY as Mother Dexter.The second season of puts the titular heroine in a new working environment, the office of a city supervisor, which seems to knowingly emulate WJM’s newsroom: we have a gruff boss (Caridi), a goofy bigwig (Lawlor), and a cynical co-worker (Stephens).