Updating direct x files

26 Feb

We now have a simple network just for two, allowing SSH, X-forwarding, file shares etc etc.

We can now do all the lovely networky things we like to do, as detailed in the Guide to…Remote Connections page.

Read the full text of the GNU GPL version 2 for details.Thankfully, things have finally moved forward and the latest installs of Raspbian include software which detects a new network connection and automatically assigns a suitable IP address. The final piece of the puzzle, is now we have a valid network link we still need to know what IP address the Raspberry Pi had given itself so we can tell our software to connect to it.Fortunately Apple have this covered with their aptly named “Bonjour” service which checks the addresses on the network and ensures their hostnames are valid.You have two options here: As discussed previously (in the Guide to…Remote Connections), there is the option of using a (console) TTL-serial cable, however this only provides rather slow access.The serial connection won’t support X11 (which as we have seen, allows us to run graphical programs too), and you won’t be able use VNC or shared folders if you have them set-up.