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17 Mar

► An M&A between efficient banks does not ensure an efficient bank M&A.A newly uncovered mosaic in the western Galilee speaks to the relatively high status of women in the early Church.“They are local people,” said Aviam, “who probably couldn’t bring the best artists, and as a result one sees many mistakes.” For the most part, the names listed in the inscriptions are of local people, mostly of Greater Syrian origin, and some with a marked Phoenician influence.

One had an image within a wreath, which for archaeologists is a very clear sign of pagan influence, he said.Until the discovery of the mosaic this summer, it was unclear in which year Irenaeus was ordained as bishop of Tyre.According to the 2011 anthology, “Episcopal Elections in Late Antiquity,” a date of circa 445 is often given.It is also, inadvertently, another testament to a woman in Jesus’ life.A peacock adorns this 5-meter long Greek inscription naming the archbishop of Tyre found west of the Sea of Galilee, in the summer of 2017, in an excavation co-directed by historian Jacob Ashkenazi and archaeologist Mordechai Aviam.