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04 Feb

Opened in 1978 and if a local band released a self financed single selling it without any profit there will be nobody of note to play any festivals if this spirit ever dies.In Hull the Humber Street Sesh featured about 180 local acts playing to over thirty thousand people in an area of the city currently free from big business saturation let alone the mass marketing campaigns that modern corporate festivals represent.

DJ Edith Bowman has given birth to a baby boy Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman has given birth to her first child.Throughout the locals seemed to have embraced the occasion and were fulsome in their directions to pubs in other parts of town where the festivities were continuing.Here the feeling of proper town centre night out and people intent on having a good time gave proceedings an energy missing from a field in rural England.She and her partner, Editors lead singer Tom Smith, have named the baby Rudy Brae Bowman Smith.He was born at the Portland Hospital in London weighing 6lb 9oz.