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14 Jul

And the cameras can be moved and adjusted for close-ups. All we have to do is mount them, set up power and Internet and they’re good to go.” Schmid works out advertising deals with businesses willing to host a camera.Saltwater-Recon is the creation of Urs Schmid, of Pearland. He sees these webcams as useful in a variety of ways.Q: What keeps you passionate about missions after all your years of service?A: Hearing the cries for help from people all over the world.Seeing their hunger to know God and how receptive they are to the message of hope and life.People have told me that their life was saved from one message from the Bible that gave them the hope to keep going". A: Every February for the last few years, Paul Osteen, M. has hosted a that brings the Healthcare Professional, med students, church and anyone with a heart to make a difference.

She went on her first missions trip as a teenager with the Lakewood Youth under the leadership of Pastor John Osteen who had a heart to "Reach the unreached and tell the untold".

There are over 90 ministries and organizations they can connect with for a short term trip using their skills or to come along as a support team.

The Strand National Historic Landmark District was the heart of Galveston in the late 1800s and early 1900s when its star was bright and it was full of great promise, the "New York of Texas." Many buildings still remain that were built in that era, built with all the best talents and materials that the society of the time was capable of.

Fine architects designed both the mansions along Broadway and the buildings in the Strand area in styles inspired by the golden ages of the Greeks or the Victorians.

A surprising number escaped the devastation of the 1900 Storm, and still remain.