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29 Jul

As long as I understand it, I’m going to follow it through.

And I think that’s more where she’s coming from than anything.

But all the women, they were just so strong, and I definitely commend them for just even being out there and fighting for our country, especially in this state that our country’s in right now today. She’s very serious about her role…she had a smaller arc, but she took it very seriously. So in the end do you feel Tasha chose love over duty? I’ve come to a crossroads and now I’m having to lie about who I am and it’s just getting too ugly and—you know what—if they don’t want me, I don’t want them.

I think there were more variables involved, but, at the end of the day, yeah, I do. And I want to continue my life and maybe choose another path as to where I can be happy and also be proud of who I am and not have to hide any longer. Tired of denying her life and everything about her. It’s amazing people do manage to do that for decades, because that seems so psychologically difficult to do. Especially when you’re simultaneously just a proud individual; you stick to your morals, but then having to hide who you are totally contradicts everything you stand for.

AE: How does that coincide with your own views on the war, and do you get asked that all the time? I don’t really like to get too political personally, but I definitely do not 100 percent agree with the war, but I do understand where my character is coming from.

In 2007, Rollins joined the cast of Showtime drama series The L Word during the fourth season as Tasha Williams. She also played Monique on the web series Girltrash! She later has appeared on CSI: NY and Miami Medical, before regular role opposite Kelli Giddish in the short-lived NBC police drama series, Chase produced by Jerry Bruckheimer during 2010-11 season.It just touches on all of the responsibilities that come with it. AE: Does your character talk about her viewpoints on the war? And I also touch on the fact that it’s not about me fighting for George Bush at all, because it’s not like I condone what he’s doing in any way or I condone the war.It’s just the commitment I made to fight for my country.The reserved, stoic Tasha is a captain in the National Guard who has just returned from Iraq when she catches Alice’s eye — leading to an opposites-attract romance that has quickly become a fan favorite. Rose Rollins: I come home from Iraq, and I’m in the National Guard.It’s not really stated as to why I’m home, and no one really knows for how long.