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14 Aug

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IN fulfilling a task so difficult and so important as that of writing the Life of Christ, I feel it to be a duty to state the causes which led me to undertake it, and the principles which have guided me in carrying it to a conclusion. It has long been the desire and aim of the publishers of this work to spread as widely as possible the blessings of knowledge ; and, in special furtherance of this design, they wished to place in the hands of their readers such a sketch of the Life of Christ on earth as should enable them to realise it more clearly, and to enter more thoroughly into the details and sequence of the Gospel narratives.

If the following pages in any measure fulfil the objects with which such a Life ought to be written, they should fill the minds of those who read them with solemn and not ignoble thoughts ; they should " add sunlight to daylight by making the happy happier;" they should encourage the toiler; they should console the sorrowful ; they should point the weak to the one true source of moral strength. ; LATE FELLOW OF TRINITY COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE ; MASTER OF MARLBOKOUGH COLLEGE ; AND CHAPLAIN IN ORDINARY TO THE QUEEN. And I have reason to be thankful that I originally entered upon the task, and, in spite of all obstacles, have still persevered in it. I con- sented to make the effort, knowing that I could at least promise to do my best, and believing that he who does the best he can, and also seeks the blessing of God upon his labours, cannot finally and wholly fail. Chatpig is a casual chat using a webcam, as Chatroulette but before they added the registration, premium membership, and all the other bad features.However, there is one significant difference, and the difference is that in this video chat you will meet people mainly from Germany.