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23 Jun

Effective prevention coverage in these groups is inadequate, partly because of stigma and discrimination.

UNAIDS reported that some Asian countries such as Thailand and Cambodia, which have chosen to tackle openly high-risk behaviour, such as sex work, have been more successful in fighting the spread of HIV as shown by the reduction in infection rates among sex workers.

The newspaper said most customers were between 35 and 50 and it cost around RM185 (£36/).

Reporters from the newspaper were investigating the sex trade in Malaysia undercover.

One masseur was asked about how she felt about the cheese massage service: "It felt disgusting at first, but I have got used to it," she said.

Social disease Prostitution is illegal in Malaysia and the country generally has conservative attitudes towards.

However, there were less data and information which could thoroughly explain the epidemiological changes.

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An estimated 7.4 million people are living with HIV in the region and 1.1 million people became newly infected last year alone - more than any year before.

Two factors a said to be very important in AIDS epidemics associated with sex workers are the numbers of clients per sex worker (in a day or week) and the frequency of men visiting sex workers.

The first determines how intense (if at all) the initial burst of new infections among sex workers and clients will be.

Commercial sex presents far higher risks than casual sex simply because the numbers involved are far higher.

A man who has several girlfriends a year is in a far lower risk bracket than a man who regularly visits a sex worker, who herself may have had 50 clients in just one week.