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20 May

But I got what I wanted—a record with space, nuance and room to breathe. It felt right for my life.” It’s fitting that Lovers and Leavers opens with a road song: “Drive,” co-written with Jim Lauderdale. ” Carll sings to himself over a two step so relaxed it lulls one into a reverie.In that dream, the singer sees himself forever on the road, clinging to the hope that as “long as you keep moving, you won’t ever die.” But it proves a false hope.After a while you begin to feel homeless and adrift.You look around, and all your friends have lives and families.

Unless you’re in the pop-music one-percent, records rarely yield a substantial profit these days, so you have to hit the road.“My earliest inspirations,” he concedes, “came from those guys: Townes, Guy, Rodney Crowell, Kris Kristoffersonand Ray Wylie Hubbard. Kristofferson was revolutionary in bringing intelligence and humor to country songwriting—John Prine too, though he’s not from Texas. “I played with all the ways you can use that phrase.That Texas songwriting is all around you if you grow up here. Because you can go in a million different directions with a song, there’s something to be said for having boundaries to work within.Instead no recordings emerged for five and a half years, as he wrestled with a painful divorce, a 40th birthday and fundamental questions about what kind of artist he wanted to be.He now says that both the divorce and the creative hiatus were caused—not entirely but in crucial ways—by the debilitating effects of life on the road.