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09 Feb

Regardless of their relationship fading, this season of the show will still be interesting with Albie’s sister’s wedding.

What’s better than to have your mom do your laundry for you – at the age of 28, no less?

Well, I should really say pergola (this is from hours of HGTV watching) with an adjacent beer truck.

Although this screams cheap-looking disaster all over it, it’s not a terrible idea and I’ll explain why.

Albie tells her in a nutshell to just let him do his own thing and butt out!

Building a brick and mortar at a seasonal venue could have been financial ruin, so I commend them for not being completely egotistical and opening a Vegas-size location at the tracks.

This week’s episode of Manzo’d with Children starts with Caroline Manzo tending to her cubs’ (aka Albie and Chris) clothes-folding duties and chatting it up with her hubby Al Manzo.

Al thinks the boys will be staying with them for 6 months – MAX!

, Caroline Manzo‘s son, Albie Manzo, was dating a girl named Brittany Parks.

While they had ended things at the end of season 1, in the current season of the show he seems to have rekindled things with her.