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02 Sep

I also learned that in the early days of dating, in the 1890s and early 1900s, the practice was considered sleazy.

There was no precedent for so-called "nice" girls going out on their own; many people assumed that a woman who was out anywhere on her own or without a male relative was a prostitute.

And while those flying solo in Queens and Brooklyn aren’t far behind, with 27 and 26 percent, respectively, it’s no surprise dozens are ditching Midtown for the funky flair and tightknit vibes on the other side of the river.

“Brooklyn is filled with new and exciting places with a vibrant energy in the air,” says NYC-based dating coach Arthur Malov.

Our library is open Wednesday through Saturday, from to pm.

Some speak lovingly of their childhood experiences, while others depict the harsh reality of poverty during the interwar period of Europe.

“Brooklynites are rebellious, artistic and fun,” notes Malov. Not just sweet and regular, but with mystique and twinkle in their eyes.” “Brooklyn is the edgy, kind of complicated bad boy of the boroughs,” agrees online dating expert Melani Robinson.

“Everyone wants to date a bad boy at least once.” And if it’s the Greenpoint gent you’re after, Sosenko has a tip-off on how to spot them.

“There’s a quaintness that exists in lots of parts of Brooklyn that seems to only exist in pockets in Manhattan now.” From Manhattan to Queens, singletons of the five boroughs are vying to couple up with Williamsburg’s finest.

And it’s easy to understand why, considering the unattached of Brooklyn boast their own flair.