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29 Mar

Fluency in French and working knowledge of local and national geographical areas is essential.They are also hiring Hires agent to work from home. You will need to link a Facebook page when applying for any position with Needle.We need enthusiastic individuals who can listen to customer service issues and then offer a unique and innovative solution to each problem.The successful candidate for this role will have a strong command of the company’s customer service policies, and be well-trained in product knowledge that can be critical for offering quick and accurate assistance to customers. If you put your talkative up beat personality to good use and earn money this is the job for you!

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Apply Now We have Adult Phone Operative vacancies for a bubbly and chatty applicants.

A 900 number will charge the call directly to the caller's phone number, while 800 numbers will prompt callers to enter a credit card number and charge that. You'll have to sign up with a company that provides this service, paying a one-time setup fee and an additional monthly maintenance fee.

The company will set up your line to forward to a message or to a specific phone number. If you want callers to speak to someone live–which gives you the opportunity to earn more money if they're paying per minute–you can hire people to take the calls.

You will need a computer with internet access to work.

There are other requirements that come with working as a chat agent, of course you would have to type a certain amount of words per minute.