23 Aug

Happy are those ages when the starry sky is the map of all possible paths — ages whose paths are illuminated by the light of the stars.Everything in such ages is new and yet familiar, full of adventure and yet their own.You know how they say you need to love yourself before you’re ready to love someone else? Not only does this law of attraction apply to dating profiles, but our dating profiles can also draw out the best version of ourselves IRL too.Having been on dating apps for years now (which is, admittedly, a little scary to say out loud), I’ve come to view the process as a great exercise in self-evaluation.These are four of my favorite things in life—so we’re already off to a great start!By creating a profile that reflects the way I see myself, I tend to match with guys who are looking for someone like me—not someone I’m pretending to be.

It’s both a reflection of and an influence on the woman I am at this moment. After spending incalculable hours swiping, messaging, and hoping against hope that the person on the other side of your screen isn’t the worst—you give up.You delete all the apps and resolve to get back to basics.With this in mind, Issue 22 of documents shared wisdoms, oral narratives and unreliable memories, from individuals who are shaping new cultures as they move through them. And a brief moment of communion between light and fire.In these short stories, poems, commentaries and conversations, Miami reveals itself as a restless petri dish of critical exchange and growth.