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20 Mar

In short: Pandora is for people who love music but don't want to worry about picking the next track.

Rdio Price: A staggered three-tier system: .99 for unlimited web streaming, .99 for all your devices, and .99 for two all-access accounts. : A web-based streaming service, which is also Spotify's biggest competitor, with a heavy social-listening bent.

In short: If you want a wide variety of music at your fingertips in a format that is familiar, then Spotify is your app.

Mog Price: Free with ads, .99 for Basic (no ads, but no mobile either), or .99 for Primo (no ads, with mobile support). : Mog, Spotify, and Rdio are positioned to go head to head.

Downside: The interface isn't as nice as some of the other streaming sites like Rdio, and the Internet radio functionality isn't as solid as Pandora's.

In short: Rhapsody isn't bad, but it also isn't our favorite.

It also means there are a lot of services vying for access to your ear canals and ad dollars.

Rhapsody Price: per month for the first 3 months, then .99 after that. : Another cloud-based streaming platform that plays through a mobile app and from the web.

It's 2013: The CD is dead, the MP3 is on its way out, and music has officially and irrevocably moved to the cloud.

While that means you probably won't be buying the new Justin Timberlake record at your local Best Buy, the upside is you can stream virtually all music ever created from any device whenever you want (whoa).

Downside: You'll need the desktop client to stream music.

That means if you're on a computer without the Spotify application, you're out of luck.