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Karuah is located on the Karuah River, 197 km north of Sydney via the Pacific Motorway and Tarean Road.

It is 15 m above sea-level and 53 km north of Newcastle.

It was consecrated in 1851, closed in 1862, restored in 1880 by Robert Hoddle White, and reconsecrated in 1888 as the Church of St Andrew.

It ceased its life as a church in 1947 and is now privately owned and not open to the public.

Fresh Oysters There are oyster sheds on either side of the Karuah River Bridge. A local history website about Swan Bay (see notes: "The oyster farming industry began in primitive fashion at Swan Bay by simply knocking the oysters off the rocks (rock oysters).

As the demand for oysters grew, so the pioneering oyster farmers began to dredge the mud flats (mud oysters).

These high tensile bolts were tightened beyond their elastic limit.

Other AAC Artefacts Other leftovers from the AAC era include a kiln (1834), used for making the settlement's building bricks; the boat harbour, tarring pits, claypits and the company bell.

About halfway between Tahlee House and the Church of the Holy Trinity, on elevated ground, is the old AAC cemetery.

In 2005 Karuah, which had historically been a town on the Pacific Highway, was bypassed and, as a result, it became a quiet and relaxing holiday destination and the gateway to the northern arm of Port Stephens.

Today it is primarily a holiday resort beside the Karuah River offering a boat ramp and picnic spot.