Word 2016 validating bookmark values vba

03 Jul

The first argument could be a MATCH function that looks up a parameter in a list to get a number.The arguments to be chosen from could be defined names referring to ranges, references, formulas or values.For relative references I recommend using R1C1 mode and notation when creating the named relative formulas.At a client's office last week, I was selecting a pricing option from a data validation drop down list.Using Defined Names to hold frequently used formulas, and modifying the defined names may prove easier and more efficient than modifying every formula.

But if the cell is formatted as a date or currency then Range.You can adjust the number of drop down lines in the Form Control Combo box, so you can show all 12 months, without a scroll bar.You can also link the combo box to a cell, so the selected item number appears on the worksheet.OK its possible to build more complex INDIRECT formulas in some cases that do adjust, but they tend to get complex and error-prone.INDIRECT is an extremely powerful function that is often used to create workbooks that can dynamically adjust to structural changes such as changing the ranges or worksheets or the external workbooks that are being used in formulas.