Advantages and disadvantages of interracial dating

09 Apr

Different parenting Style: Interracial couples may have difficulties in bringing up their children due to the different ways they were brought up by their parents and the background in which they grew up .

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Of course, we can’t simply deny the possible issues but the benefits of interracial marriages far outweigh its downside.

In other to avoid clashes, it is important for interracial couples to compromise in the areas that they disagree and come together in the areas that they agree on.

Both Families may have difficulties interacting: Both families may have difficulties in interacting and relating well with each other due to differences in language, accent and intonation and stress pattern in their various languages.

Interracial couples may misinterpret gesture from their mate and this could lead to serious misunderstanding.

Identity problem: They may have difficulties in knowing which culture to belong to and some may end up not being able to identify with their root especially if their parents never introduce them to both their maternal and paternal relatives.