Dating culture in iceland

18 Jun

During the middle ages Iceland lost its independency.The last Icelander to surrender to the Norwegian King in the 12th century , was the Goði who lived in Valþjófsstaður.The Culture reveals itself in the many arts and crafts shops and centres.

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Then the Irish, but according to the Sagas Irish hermits, called Papar, were already here when the Vikings came late in the 8th century.

This is verified by place-names such as the island Papey.

In the year 1627 Algerian pirates abducted some 110 people and sold them into slavery in Africa.

The trolls and elves were helpless against these villain, but the prophetess buried at Hólmahálsi by Eskifjörður, was able to protect her people in the fjord by thick fog and heavy waves. The 19th century was prosperous due to herring fishing and whaling and for a while the world’s largest whaling station was in Mjóifjörður, run by Norwegians.