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14 Apr

These will likely come from Ulta, a beauty company involved with the production (including a few gratuitous cutaway shots on-screen).They sponsored the premiere and stuffed the gift bags with goodies at the show.

And as a sort of “review of the literature,” the “data” below do contain some lessons and insights. First, that when viewed from a certain perspective, pop-culture conspiracy theory is the phenomenon in its purest form — paranoia without ideology, or anyway without partisanship.

Now that’s changed, and conspiracy theories are having a yuge moment in the mainstream.

Conventional wisdom puts the beginning of modern conspiracy-theory culture at the JFK assassination.

Also Read: Sorry James Corden, You Can't Out-Diva Demi Lovato (Video) Demi is a “global mental health advocate,” added Daniels, You Tube’s Global Head of Content.

I’d add “fan ally,” as the first two rows of VIP couches were reserved for 20 of Lovato’s diehards.