Msn portfolio manager not updating mutual funds

22 Jun

Also, it seems to mis-report certain stocks that have split, like GOOG (shows a price of 000/share).The app was working great, then all of a sudden the live tile stopped working for a while, so I decided to reinstall it.The three sites designated as the best in this year’s comparison are Smart, and Wikinvest.Although online portfolio trackers are constantly adding new features and functionality, they still pale in comparison to software-based portfolio trackers.The only thing you see is notification at the top of the portfolio that the transaction has been saved.

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When you add or edit a transaction, the transaction is saved and updated behind the scene.

The focus here is on everyday investors and not on power traders or institutional investors, so top sites in this category should have a good balance of power and functionality, along with a reasonable price tag.

In addition, expect these websites to be user-friendly.

Thankfully, websites devoted to this task are continually offering more powerful portfolio management tools to help you do just that.

This Comparison article examines the top online portfolio tracking websites for individual investors.