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03 Jul

If the SSO mode is selected, then enter the header value in the space provided.

You can test the database link with a simple query, such as the following: SELECT sysdate FROM [email protected]_db; The @other_db clause uses the database link you created.

xeltspace_01) xeltspace_01 ## Enter the Temporary tablespace for Oracle Identity Manager User TEMP Validating the given inputs… Preparing the database for Oracle Identity Manager. Errors/warnings occurred during the database preparation. Please check the log file prepare_xell_for more info.

Step4: Install OIM Required jdk version: Java Version: 1.4.2_19 *oiml9001*./install_Checking whether JAVA_HOME is set Java Version: 1.4.2_19 JAVA_HOME is set.

After you install the software, there are postinstallation steps that you must complete before you can use Oracle Identity Manager.

Press 1 for Next, 3 to Cancel or 5 to Redisplay [1] 1 ——————————————————————————- Oracle Identity Manager Server Installer: Admin User Information Enter the password for System Administrator (xelsysadm).