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05 Feb

Your colleagues need to see there is value in changing their ways.

If they see value in using Share Point over file shares then it’s an easy sell.

For example you could use an LDAPMembership Provider to authenticate against Active Directory, or a SQLMembership Provider to authenticate against a SQL Server database.

If you don’t have access to the machine.config, or prefer not to edit it, you will have to make all of these changes to the following web.config files: Categorized under: Configuration, Forms Based Authentication, Sharepoint.

A: Ideally I will create them at the root of the Site Collection or « Top Site », but it may vary since you may find yourself with too many Content Types quickly.

The advantage is that once created, they are automatically copied to sub sites. Honestly it is a great question and it is very difficult to "disable" One Drive for Business features in Share Point.

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